Diane  Mason

Diane began her wire career in 1999 by attending William Holland School of Lapidary Arts and continues to upgrade her skills today with ongoing classes. She is an active member of the Franklin Gem and Mineral Society, the Southern Appalachian Artists Guild, and the Blue Ridge Artists Association. After retiring in 2014 as a critical care nurse specialist Diane and her husband moved to Young Harris to be closer to the mountains and to get serious with their rocks by opening and operating their own rock shop. They travel year round selling their jewelry at juried festivals/shows in several states. This direct link to public sales gives her a very personal approach which enables her to lead her students through a short course in pricing and selling their wares. Diane's teaching background allows her to present courses to her students in a very structured manner. Because she believes students should know why they are doing all of the necessary steps she teaches wire theory as well as a hands-on or "monkey-see, monkey-do" approach. While Diane began teaching at William Holland in 2003, making 2021 her 19th year, she also teaches privately for gem and mineral clubs in six states as well as at her home studio. In 2014 Diane began doing specialty wire work for both Ruby City Gems and the Franklin Gem and Mineral Society Gift Shop (the old jail) located in Franklin, N.C. In 2019 she became a "Show Ambassador" for Robin Roberts Promotions, LLC in Blairsville, Ga. While working with this group she is a First Responder in charge of first aid, a vendor, and the Bandmaster for live entertainment. Diane enjoys all of her classes whether it is WIRE I, WIRE II, WIRE III (filigree or faceted stones), BRACELETS, or WIRE SCULPTURE. Her favorite quote is "We do not make flea market garbage in this classroom." She often says that her students keep her grounded and she learns something every time she opens a classroom door.