Jerry  Mason

"After retiring from Lucent Technologies in 1989 and IBM in 1995 as an electronic engineer, Jerry began his rockhound life in earnest. In 1999 he began by taking classes at William Holland and continues today to upgrade his skills in stone cutting (faceting, intarsia, and cabbing) and in silver fabrication. Jerry began teaching at William Holland in 2003 and the 2021 season will be his 19th year. Jerry has also taught for the SFMS, privately in his workshop, and for several gem and mineral clubs. After his wife retired in 2014 they moved to Young Harris to be closer to the mountains they love and now operate their own rock shop locally. Jerry and his wife travel doing juried shows each year in North and South Carolina and Georgia. He is a member of Southern Appalachian Artists Guild, Blue Ridge Artists Association, and is an active member of the Franklin North Carolina Gem and Mineral Club. Whether teaching basic or advanced cabochon cutting, Jerrys one belief is for a class to have a high quality and not a high quantity. 

(706) 379-1718 H, (843) 621-0003 C"